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What makes our lead tracking technology so special?

  • It generates leads from prospects you didn’t even know existed.

  • It highlights interest and crucially quantifies buying potential.

  • It sorts, filters and matches large amounts of data for you.

  • It makes sales easy, delivering qualified leads into your inbox.

This powerful technology pieces builds intelligence from phone calls, email clicks and web visits. Building a digital footprint of your prospects including who they are, where they came from and what products or services they’re interested in.

All you need to do is put our tracking code  on your website.

Software application features

Lead Gen Software

Web Visitor Tracking

As you drive traffic to your website from organic, social media and PPC campaigns you need to convert your marketing investment into sales intelligence and leads. Salesfuel does this for you identifying web visitors, their geo location, page visits and other vital information. The data is consolidated, providing you with a complete digital footprint of your prospects.
  • Anonymous Visitor Tracking

Identify which anonymous visitors are browsing your website. Geo location and other data captured such as keyword search terms, pages viewed and lead source information will then help to build a digital profile of your visitor.

  • Web Form Management

Existing and new web forms (e.g. landing pages) can be managed and their performance monitored.

  • Web Form Tracking

Automatically track web form submissions from your existing web site. No design changes are required. The data is captured and alerts can be sent by email to multiple sales staff. Any previous interactions by phone, email or website are instantly linked to build a prospect profile.

  • Web Referral Source

The source of each unique visit is recorded in a searchable list. You can instantly determine which source produces the most leads.

  • Visitor Data Export

Based on users permissions your web site visitor data can be exported to your CRM or other database if required.

Inbound Call Tracking

Not all prospects want to click, download content or fill in web forms. Some of your hottest leads will call you. We provide the means to understand what they have been looking at before and after the call.
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  • Call Tracking

The call lead source (eg. Google organic, Bing, ads..) is tracked and caller details (callers number, geo location, wait time, talk time, call recording, if engaged, if missed) captured. You can choose to have a ‘Call Introduction’ so sales people get a heads up before taking the call.

  • Call Tracking Numbers

Marketing telephone numbers can be inserted automatically onto your website and routed to your sales office. They will dynamically replace your standard numbers on your website. You can now track inbound calls based on lead source. UK telephone numbers are included. Overseas numbers can be added on request.

  • Call Recording

Inbound calls can be recorded and played back. Calls and other interactions (web visits, email responses) are chronologically listed on the prospects ‘timeline’ profile.

  • Call Alerts

If inbound calls are missed or calls go unanswered (typically 20% of B2B calls!) an automated email alert and SMS text message is sent to nominated users. The email provides key caller information and lead source.

  • Call Routing & Barring

Call Tracking Numbers can be routed to your office or mobile phone. Call charges may apply. Inbound telephone numbers can also be barred.

  • Call Reports

Track your marketing ROI. Identify which lead sources are performing well and monitor inbound sales call response. You can compare periods of time to see in an instant which marketing efforts are creating impact.

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Email Marketing Tracking

Email is a great way to communicate and nurture prospects. Salesfuel integrates with leading email marketing tools so you don’t have to keep switching between systems or synchronise data sets.
  • Bulk Email Tracking

Email marketing responses are automatically captured, complete with contact details from your bulk email marketing system. Alerts will inform you of any new leads. Email responses are tracked and matched to any previous web visits or calls.

  • MailChimp Integration

Salesfuel integrates with MailChimp a leading email marketing tool. We capture responses from your MailChimp campaigns, add them to a new or existing prospect time line, showing all previous and subsequent interactions.

  • Email Marketing Alerts

Alerts are sent if new or existing prospects ‘click through’ from your email marketing campaigns.

  • Ad Hoc Email Tracking

You can send prospects emails directly from your email client and have that email recorded on their timeline. If prospects have already interacted (calls, web visits, emails) it will automatically link the events and show it on their timeline. If not it will sit there dormant waiting for future contact to be made. This is a quick way to track ad hoc speculative emails to prospects.

Lead Campaign Tracking

Information overload can obscure sales objectives. Salesfuel captures phone, web and email data over long periods of time building a comprehensive picture of buyer behaviour before, during and after first contact. The data is consolidated into one quick and easy to read chronological timeline. It clearly tracks referral sources, keywords, email click throughs, page visits and actual call recordings so you can calculate marketing ROI.
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  • Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring applies a value to every online or offline interaction, indicating prospect interest. Lead score values can be attributed to page visits, web form responses, calls, sessions or click throughs.

  • Campaign Tracking

Measure inbound response against spend for each marketing campaign. Compare and establish which campaigns generate the best response.

  • Call Reporting

A complete inbound call log of all your marketing telephone numbers and call handling performance.

  • Lead Alerts

Automatic email and SMS text message alerts are sent when new leads are generated. You can also choose to be sent alerts when a lead, visitor or customer returns to your website. Alerts are sent to one or multiple recipients and contain detailed prospect information.

  • Lead Source

Track inbound calls, email marketing responses and web visitors back to their original source.

  • Lead Views

Create and edit custom views to group, sort and  prioritise your leads, helping to make sales follow up more productive.

  • ‘Timeline’ Digital Footprint

A chronological timeline is constantly updated, showing all prospect interactions with your business.

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